A few scanning tips


Summary - Histogram


The biggest mistake is to NOT experiment. Be more daring and extreme than you think right. You may not like it, you may put it back, but at least you will have seen it (and you may like it!).

The scanner software will show the real time result of this adjustment, before you scan it. See its Before and After images above? It couldn't be any simpler, once you realize what you're trying to do. Simply experiment, and set what looks best. If you like it, then it's correct, at least for your purposes.

New scanned image with the Black and White points set.

This step is not necessary to do, we are just looking around. We can trust the TWAIN driver, but looking at the resulting Histogram again (close the histogram tool, then reopen it), we can see that it now shows the new tone range after adjustment. It shows the image tones have been expanded to fill the range 0..255. We have some pure black in the center of the flower, and in the darkest lower leaves. Also some pure white in the background (which was later made transparent). We are using the full range of the scanner now, and we have increased the image contrast in a natural way.

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