A few scanning tips


Microtek ScanWizard 5 - Advanced Mode

ScanWizard also has the standard Curve and Color Wheel tools of course.

ScanWizard also has a batch mode. The Scan Job concept allows several different marked areas on the Overview window to be separate scan jobs. There is always one job for the current image you are scanning, but there can be any number of jobs.

You can scan multiple photo prints, or different areas of one print, even overlapping if desired. You can make individual contrast adjustments on each job, or even set entirely different mode and resolution. Each scan job is totally separate. Then one press of the Scan button will batch scan every job automatically, and the jobs will be returned as individual images.

The Job Window allows the jobs to be created, deleted, copied, selected for editing parameters, and to be excluded or included in the batch.

The batch mode is shown below using the film drawer of the Microtek 8700 to scan 12 mounted 35 mm slides. The 8700 provides glassless film holders for 12 35 mm slides, or two 6 frame strips, or four 6x9 cm or two 4x5 inch frames, or a glass 8x10 inch surface for any film.

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