A few scanning tips


Microtek ScanWizard 5 Advanced mode

The ScanWizard Advanced program offers many more options. Mode and resolution are set directly here. You can specify a standard resolution, or type in a new value. It remembers the last six values entered as selections. You can select to output 8 or 16 bit color or grayscale modes (24 or 48 bit color files), to those programs or file types that can accept 16 bits.

The OVERVIEW button is the normal Preview, and there is a Preference menu to set how much of the bed will be scanned for preview.

The PRESCAN button optionally rescans the preview at higher resolution to enlarge the marked area. There are Prescan size preferences, one is to "fill the window" (shown here, note the inch ruler).

If running standalone, the SCANTO button works the same as in the Standard mode, providing Copy or Email modes (and OCR in some models). The icon at the right end of the tool bar returns to Standard mode if desired.

The F button above will flip and/or rotate the orientation of the image, useful for film.

The histogram tool (below) sets the Black and White Points to improve image contrast, and it also has a button for an automatic setting. There is a preference to specify the auto Black and White Point clipping levels (default is 0.1%) and Output Levels. I would have preferred a standard Midpoint control too, for image brightness, but the Curve tool is easily used for that purpose (it can be preset to 1.5, 1.8, or 2.0 gamma, or custom).

The histogram also changes to a threshold control in line art mode.


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