A few scanning tips


This is a good time to review the different
concepts of the word "resolution" in images:

So, how much resolution for printing?

That's dependent on the capabilities of the output device. You always scan for the output device. There is certainly a maximum useful resolution for printing, and it's MUCH LESS than you might think. Printers vary, some are 300x300, 360x360, 600x600, 720x720, or even 1440x720 now. It sounds like we need to scan at those numbers to match it, but that's NOT how it is. This advertised printer resolution is a different concept than the scanner or video resolution we are used to. The printer resolution is referring to addressability of the ink dot, and NOT the resolution of the image. Several printhead ink dots are required to make one pixel image dot. The printer's image resolution capability is much less than the advertised dpi numbers.

Yeah, so how much resolution?

Have patience my friend, we're almost there, honest, cross my heart.   😊

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