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Microtek Scan Suite

Microtek Scan Suite is a 32 bit copy application that replaces the 16 bit QuickPanel.  Currently, it is available for download from the Microtek Europe web site at www.microtek.nl   (Support, then Window Drivers), a very well organized support site with very helpful infomation available. A ScanSuite .pdf manual file is there.

ScanWizard 2.49 or later is required to use the Windows version of ScanSuite, and is also available.

NOTE   2.49 and later is 32 bit ONLY, and all 16 bit Windows 3.1 scanning programs (QuickPanel, OmniPage 4.0 LE, Paint Shop Pro 3.11) will quit working. ScanSuite replaces QuickPanel (better too).

There is a Mac version of Scan Suite too, which requires ScanWizard 3.2.0.

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Scan function

You can add your own applications to the toolbar. If you drill into (browse into) the actual program file directory to add it, it works, but the program name will be shown as the full path name, like for example C:\Program Files\Micrografx\pp8.exe.

However, if instead you drill into the Windows Start Menu (already pre-selected), and then into Programs, and then the appropriate folder to highlight the program file, then the "short" shortcut icon name will be used instead.

Copy function. It scans and prints to your printer.

Fax function. It prints to your regular fax software, like WinFax Pro or Microsoft Fax.

OCR function. It starts your regular OCR software, like Textbridge Pro or OmniPage Pro.

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