A few scanning tips


Access existing XIF Files from Windows XP

There is no new version of Pagis which works in XP. The main problem in XP is the Inbox part of it, as opposed to the editor part of it.

There is a free XIF Viewer program available from ScanSoft HERE.   Enter Pagis for the program there, and enter Win98 for operating system. Then if you said Win98, then there is a VIEWER.EXE program, near the bottom of that list of available downloads. It will install and work fine in XP, no problem at all. This is a free viewer for XIF files, much like the Acrobat Viewer is a free viewer for PDF files. This viewer program will view and print the XIF files, but it will not save them in another format.

If you have tried to install your Pagis into XP (not really a good plan, the Pagis Inbox will give trouble in XP), you can start the Pagis editor program directly (bypassing the Inbox). That Pagis editor program name is XIFVIEW.EXE, in the Pagis installed folder. Just start that program directly (bypass the Inbox) and it will work. The Pagis editor will read the XIF files in XP, and can save them in some other format, like TIF.   For example, I have a dual boot system with Win98 on drive C: and XP on drive D:. From XP, I can start the Win98 "C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\Pagis\XifView.exe", and it works fine in XP to read and save XIF files.

OmniPage Pro 14 will read XIF files, and can save as PDF or TIF or text.

PaperPort 9 and 10 wont read XIF, but they do have a XIF file conversion utility on the CD, see the CD folder named "Other".

The default Imaging program in Windows 9x (at menu Start-Programs-Accessories-Imaging) can open XIF files, and can save as TIF. You might do this on a friends Windows 9x computer.   XP does not have that program.

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