A few scanning tips


Pagis Pro Copy

The Copy screen is similar, but has different options, specifically to be a copier. Even kinda reminds me of a bigger copy machine.

If you select a color printer, then an optional Color Copy button appears. Compared to others, it is very feature rich. Preview allows cropping to a smaller area if desired. In this mode, PICTURES implies Grayscale or Color if selectable, and TEXT implies Line art.

There is an ENHANCE PICTURES mode that duplicates images as shades of gray. Otherwise, it scans in Line art mode in text mode.

Copy mode has percentage reduction/enlargment options, 50% to 400%, plus Reduce To Fit, and even 17"->11" and 14"->11" resizing selections.

And get this, there is even an option to collate multiple page jobs, that is, it can print pages in order, ready to staple. For example, it can print pages 1-5 of the first copy, and followed by pages 1-5 of the second copy.

This is the scanner Properties for the Copy mode. Images can be automatically detected and scanned in grayscale. And all of the automatic Page Refinement enhancements (shown on the scanner page) are applicable too.

This is the Fax tab. It scans, asking if More Pages to accomodate multiple pages, until you say No More, Send, and then it prints the job to your fax software, Winfax Pro, MS Fax, etc. The Halftone mode scans the entire page in shades of gray to fax pictures. SuperFine mode is 300x300 dpi for those fax machines that can accept it, not many can.   Fine is the normal 200x200 dpi High quality fax mode.

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