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Pagis Pro Forms

One of the most popular questions I get is how to fill out a scanned form.   I have a good answer now.

Below is Pagis Pro showing a scan of our favorite form.

After scanning the form in Form Mode (previous page), the Pagis Editor comes up (above). It does many more things too, but the menu FORMS - DETECT FIELDS will find all blank image areas bounded by lines (the blue areas, which are now editable fields). They may not all be real fields, for example, the top line, but no harm done, it is very easy to ignore those that are not actual fields. You can tab through all of the fields, or double click one, and edit text into the image there.

Pretty neat! That is all there is to it.   Scan, select Detect Fields, then click or tab through the fields adding text. Then save it or print it or fax it. Scan forms at 300 dpi line art (Text Only mode in Pagis), so they will print well.

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The "City" field in the form currently has the focus, you can see the full extent of the field (the rectangle).

There is a font selection similar to Word (menu FORM - OPTIONS), so you can select anything you wish, font face, text color, font size.

Even after you save the image and come back tomorrow and open the file again, these fields are still all marked as fields. That is, you can edit and modify any previous data in the same way, by simply clicking on the field. In addition, you can "Add" a field to be at any location you desire, by just drawing the rectangle with the mouse. Other options for forms are to remove all fields, or to clear text from all fields.

The form looks great printed, it is much sharper then the resample for the video screen can show it.

(Switching products now)

PaperPort Deluxe 6.0 also has a Forms Typer, shown below. The scanned form in the background (with the red highlight border) was dragged and dropped on the green typewrite icon on the toolbar. Then this screen came up, with the fields highlighted. Simply type in them and print the form. The font can be changed to anything you wish, font face, text color, font size.

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