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Pagis Pro Inbox

Pagis Pro starts with a Pagis Inbox on your desktop, which is basically like the Win95 Explorer with additional menu choices. One Pagis Inbox is provided, and you also can change any Win95 folder to add more Pagis Inboxes.

For managing files, you build an index by adding titles and keywords that are associated with the file, like "Jane's Wedding", and then you can search for the file using one or more of those words.

NOTE:   All of these screen capture images have been reduced to only 16 colors here for smaller file size and faster web page loading.

The Inbox above shows the "icon" view, and the one below shows the "Detail" view. In the detail mode, thumbnail icons are shown only if you position the mouse over the item, as illustrated. This mode can be much faster than if an inbox containing hundreds of icons are all shown at once. The thumbnail images can be configured to any size.

The bottom icon bar is the "Send To" destinations, programs and printer and fax devices where the image can be sent. You can drag and drop inbox image files to these targets to transfer the images. Most programs will not understand XIF format. But Pagis automatically converts the format during the transfer process to a Send To bar program. You register which format each program should get (TIF, JPG, etc) when you add the program to the toolbar (just drag it there). I have not found the way to modify this choice, but Remove and then Add the program is not difficult, and that does it.

Textbridge Pro becomes a menu item in your word processor, or has its own standalone icon, or can be run from Pagis. For example, if you drag a image from the Inbox and drop it on the MS Word icon on the "Send To" bar, then Textbridge Pro OCR is automatically performed to convert the document. Or if you drop an image file on say the Paint Shop Pro icon, it will convert it to TIF or JPG, however you configure it.

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