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NOTE: Pagis Pro has NOT been updated to work in Windows XP.

ScanSoft PagisPro

If you need to access existing XIF files from Windows XP,
then see this page for more details.

So what is Pagis Pro?

Pagis Pro Millennium is several things bundled into one package, including

All software is on one CD. There is a printed Pagis Pro Users Guide, but it is only a small part (installation and overview) of the very large Pagis Pro Users Guide, and separate TextBridge Pro Users Guide, that are provided as PDF files on the CD. These manuals are viewed or printed with the Adobe Acrobat reader utility. They are excellent manuals, extremely detailed with specific clear description of every feature.

Some additional detail:

Here is my own look at Pagis Pro, several screen shots and detail about features. The NEXT button below will cycle through these following pages:

TextBridge Pro

TextBridge Pro HTML example

XIF file format

Pagis Inbox and Toolbar

Pagis Document Index and Search

Pagis Scan tool

Typing text into a scanned form in Pagis or PaperPort   (you have to see this)

Pagis Copy Tool

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