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Web page questions:

What is the font used on the web page?

The font is Comic Sans MS, and if you see it, then it is present in your computer. The web page uses this font from your computer if it is found, and uses your browser's default font otherwise. The font comes with several Microsoft products, and is also available for Windows and Macintosh at Microsoft's free font pages.

I ran a informal poll once, and 10% didn't care for the font, 20% had no preference, and about 70% liked the Comic. I like it too, because it's easy to read and it has more white space around it, so that the pages full of text like mine are not so oppressively dark with solid text.

I view it with Netscape 4.6 set to 9 Point font size (with Large fonts on a 1024x768 screen), so that's how it's supposed to look. <grin>   If you go a few font sizes larger, this font goes bold a bit sooner than more normal fonts like Arial. So if you see it all as bold, you might experiment with reducing the font size a step or two in your browser. That's "CTRL [" in Netscape, or you can make it permanent in the Preferences menu.

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