A few scanning tips


Scanning and Printing Resolution DPI Calculator

1.   Desired Output Print Size to be Printed
Specify either the Short or Long Dimension to be printed - Select the important fixed side you want to fill.   The other dimension will float, determined by the Input image shape.
  Short   Long    inch   mm

If this is Paper Size, you may specify the size of an unprintable Margin, equal all around
Margin Width inch   mm   (Omit from Print area, reduces size)

  Input Size to be Scanned - Photo/Film/Document

(the size area you are scanning)

Often we don't or can't scan to the edges. You may specify a Cropped Margin width to reduce the scanned area, equal all around (1.0 mm or 0.04 inch is suggested for mounted slides)

Cropped Margin inch   mm   (Omit from Scan area, reduces size)

For the Input Scan Size above,
and for the Print Size at top left, then

** Calculate Scanning Resolution needed to Print at dpi

** Or, calculate possible Printing Resolution if Scanning at dpi

Then 3 choices: Calculator Help
Print Existing Image (Image Size in pixels)

Or   Width x Height pixels
This Width and Height is used ONLY IF the choice is CUSTOM VALUES - otherwise select one of the fixed sizes

** Compute possible Printing Resolution to give Printed Size above from this Image Size

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